This year This one is of some willow trees that I maintain on a farm in Derbyshire

London men’s toilet

This photo is of a London pub toilet as I disabled I struggle to go in public toilet because I need quiet I know that sounds strange but it is everything but while I was in London we went to this pub everyday and had drink and eventually I felt comfortable going to the toilet at this place this photo is of the cubicle of the pub and I bent the light

Through a disabled persons Eye

The unknown

This photo is of my garden when I was building my raised beds and I have played with the colors to achieve this one

This one is of a water container at the farm I like this one as it was very frosty and the frost crystals showed all the colors

These ones are from my flat window on a frosty morning you can see in the first picture how the frost is cleaning on to the window and then I played with the colors to make these other pictures it’s like I’m going through a wormhole

Forsythia Goldrush in my garden

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