Meet Benny Shakes, a renowned comedian, writer, and co-founder of the Blue Badge Bunch. Beyond his achievements in the world of comedy, Benny is also a children’s book author THE BLUE BADGE BUNCH

focused on promoting disability awareness. Not only does he excel in the entertainment industry, but he also actively contributes to environmental sustainability by maintaining trees on a farm to offset carbon footprint.

Discover Benny’s Journey: If you’re curious about the steps I took to achieve my goals, click the link below for an in-depth look into my journey. About me

I was recently nominated for the Neurodiverse Representation Award 2022 at the Edinburgh Fringe and was a West End New Act of the Year Quarter Finalist. I have also recently performed at Manfords (supporting Rob Deering), Nottingham Theatre Royal, for Sion James (headliner Lloyd Griffiths), Funhouse Comedy, and for Howard Walker (headliner Nina Gilligan), Matty Oxley (20), Laugh out Loud (Opening), Kev’s comedy Club, Rofl Comedy Club, Anthony J Brown, and for (Opere) Just The Tonic.

Looking Ahead to 2024: I am eagerly anticipating 2024 as I aim to support other disabled comedians in achieving their goals. My goal is to provide them with opportunities similar to what I have experienced. From assisting in crafting their comedy CV to helping design shows for Edinburgh or smaller festivals, I am dedicated to guiding them through the process.

Promoting Disability Awareness: I have successfully secured several rounds of funding for my disability awareness gameshow, Blue Badge Bunch. For more information on this initiative, you can explore the main menu on my website.

“For bookings, gigs, or talks on disability awareness, and if you need assistance setting up your own podcast for a small fee, please reach out to Susanna at Infor more information. Let’s collaborate and bring your ideas to life!”


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