Back on the water enjoying life after the past three years I have kept myself away from people because of the pandemic made me isolated to the point where I cancelled plans with friends and my girlfriend.

So this year I have decided to go back sailing and enjoy my passion which is taking photos of other disabled people enjoying life over the next month I will be taking a series of photos showing you the inside of salability Carsington waters you can find more info here how to join the team at carsington salability

I always be a water person so four years ago when my friend Colin said why don’t you come and try sailing I said yes but I’m scared of fall out of the boat he said not the one you can’t capsize?

These are made for disabled people and the charity will adapt the boat to fit your needs so one Saturday in May 2019 I went down and started sailing.

what does sailing mean to you?

well the freedom of being in a boat on your own going fast with out engine is so amazing you get to switch off your brain and enjoy the water and make new friends and relationships, everyone who goes there are equal we don’t look at disability we look at the person and we will support everyone who comes and joins


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